Behind the ethos of work lies a simple idea: that of working hand in hand with nature's own work so as to produce genuine, balanced wines, that display the typical qualities of the soils of the domain: gritty shale, weathered shale, loess, phtanites, etc.

This approach requires the spending of much time and effort on different tasks in the vineyard to enable the lush foliage and the grapes to absorb the light and the heat of the sun. The profusion of life that runs riot in each plot of land in spring, has to be kept under control with a constant quest for the balances that best favour the harmonious development of the plant and its fruits.
This is not always so easy … And grass grows very fast!

The soils are living.Environment is prepared by means of the work

on the soil, replacing artificial fertilizers with biodynamic preparations
(certification of Biological Agriculture by Ecocert ).

Yields are restricted (30-35hl/ha)

in order to achieve a natural concentration of matter in the fruits.

Grape are exclusively picked by hand,

and this is realized in one or several qualitative sorting operations.

To continue the spirit of the workcarried out on the vineyards,

winemaking too has to be a natural process:
a slow fermentation by natural yeasts, no chaptalization and little sulfites,
maturing in oak barrels or in small tanks.