It is a dry white wine growing on green and red soils of weathered shale,
matured for between 18 to 24 months including 12 months in oak barrels.

he aerating process reveals aromatic complexity in which mild aromas of
white flowers blend with aromas of candied fruits and sometimes
with brioche-like aromas.Powerful, structured and long in the palate,
"Equilibre" belongs to the family of the great nectars of gastronomy.

This elegant wine will accompany noble starters (scallops with cream,
Armorican lobster, etc.), fishes with a firm flesh (pike with white butter,
braised sea bream, etc.),or slowly refined hard cheeses (Beaufort, Comté).

To be served at 12-14°C after allowing the wine to aerate in the decanter.
Can be kept for 12-15 years.

"I liked it: ripe and opulent, late harvested with tropical fruit flavors,
balanced acidity and a fair length."

ndreas Larsson, TASTED